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Secure chatbot environment

We promise data confidentiality and protection against all kinds of intrusions.

Secure chatbot


Fortify against threats

The chatbot provides security by protecting your data from hackers. Additional measures are in place to prevent the misuse of customer data.

Safety measures at every step

We protect your data by implementing the latest security measures.

Data Authority

Our product gives you full control over your data and information with the ability to decide what to share.


Control who can view and edit.

Safety measures


Monitor updates to understand crucial actions

Deployment Flexibility and Resilience

Implement your assistant where and how you need it, with the ability to change over time.

Chatbot deployment


High availability and recovery

Multizone region availability

Our bot can adapt to your growing needs.

Exclusive configuration for uninterrupted bot operations

The chatbot comes with multi-region availability to mitigate downtime.


we take software security seriously and have adopted the use of SBOM or Software Bill of Materials for YourBizBot ⓒ.

Trusted components and Dependencies.

Quickly identify any vulnerabilities in our software and take appropriate action to mitigate the risks.

Ensuring the security and reliability

Contributing to a more secure software ecosystem.

Transparency and Accountability

Track the components used in our software and ensure that they comply with licensing and regulatory requirements.

We not only protect our own software but also help to create a more secure and transparent software ecosystem.

So, whether you are a business owner, software developer, or just a concerned individual, you can trust YourBizBot ⓒ to be secure and reliable.

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