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YourBizBot -
A bot for your operations

A comprehensive AI platform to integrate and monitor the operations of various departments.



Conversational AI for your operations

Every organization needs a proprietary performance monitoring system fast enough to retrieve required operational information at a glance. YourBizBot  brings you an AI platform that aims to replace and integrate conventional systems.

We improve the accuracy of your information, by not replacing current practices. You will benefit from improved monitoring that enriches the operational efficiency of each department using virtual agents and chatbots powered by AI.

Why choose YourBizBot ?

We deliver best-in-class, faster, and more accurate information → giving you an edge.

AI chatbot
Adapts to your domain

YourBizBot  is created with ML, NLU, and NLP models to understand the user's text inputs and helps with several alternatives to find the best answers.

Inter-module accesibility

Unique user identity and administration

Our product ensures that till the bottom of the hierarchy, each individual user can access their own accounts, it also provides them with the privileges to manage their accounts.

Retrospective chatbot
with Ai

Our AI chatbot can learn from past and ongoing conversations to understand the context better to deliver fast, consistent, and accurate information – when needed.

Inter-module accessibility

The chatbot is designed to adapt to the current system.

Unique user identity
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Why prefer YourBizBot ⓒ?

You can customize an advanced bot, keeping in mind the requirements of the relevant services.

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Understands plain language queries

NLU and NLP techniques are applied to understand user input and analyze multiple user intents.

Improve ROI

Transparent pricing model

Our application comes with one-time fees for everything, with no hidden charges.

Onboarding and training
Understand plain queries

Improve ROI with less IT maintenance

YourBizBot  helps you generate insights with minimal clicks.

Transparent pricing model

Quick onboarding and training

Our team simultaneously formulates a POC and trains your team. For detailed advice, I.A.E will dedicate a team and resources to help you with your customized solution.

Ready to introduce a bot into your operations?

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Live interaction to guide you through the product.

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