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Comprehensive functionalities of YourBizBot illustrated in an informative diagram

I.A.E Bot Platform - Transforming Enterprises with AI Chatbot Solutions

Discover I.A.E's revolutionary SaaS model atop a robust PaaS framework, redefining Enterprise Performance Management with innovation and efficiency.

Our Integrated Tech Ecosystem

Explore our advanced tech suite including ESSBase 21c, FPBS, PBFS, and more, harmoniously uniting under I.A.E's low code solution.

Maximize Efficiency: YourBizBot Meets EPM

Elevate your enterprise's performance with YourBizBot + EPM - a blend of AI innovation and strategic management - including cash, capital, and people planning, as well as advanced budgeting and forecasting.
Elevate operational efficiency, financial management, and decision-making, all in one powerful solution.


Essbase 21c Migration Masters

Leading the world in Essbase 21c migration, I.A.E achieves full-cycle implementation in under a week with Kubernetes.

Watch How I.A.E Bot Platform Redefines Conversations

HOME 1.png

Industry-Specific SaaS Solutions

 I.A.E and OVH: A Strategic Alliance

YourBizBot and OVH partnership announcement graphic highlighting collaboration benefits.

Celebrating our partnership with OVH and proud inclusion in the OVH Marketplace, marking a significant stride in our SaaS journey.

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