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Customized AI Solutions

Self-learning, AI-powered chatbots that respond to queries and perform defined tasks to create actionable insights and interactions.

Customized AI Solutions

About I.A.E Bot platform

It all started as the brainchild of our CEO, MR. Olivier Bennardo. He managed to refine the concept of reinforcement in chatbots with the help of experts in AI and industry-level analytics.

As a result, at IAE Bot Platform, we have created a chatbot (YourBizBot ) which is the first of its kind.

What we do

Cloud Architecture Support

Cloud architecture support with Saas hosting and provide personalized business plans.

Chatbot development services

Custom chatbots to integrate your existing process.

Chatbot provider    

Custom chatbots to integrate your existing process.

Ready to introduce a bot into your operations?

Schedule a demo

Live interaction to guide you through the product.

Contact us

Our team is ready to help you anytime.

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