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How to choose the best bot for you? An exclusive checklist to consider before picking your bot.

With AI chatbots and voice bots becoming the buzzwords from the past half-decade everyone is well informed about their features and benefits in general.

There are a lot of AI chatbot platforms that offer bot solutions. Prominent tech Companies and a considerable number of small and mid-level tech firms are competing in the chatbot market.

Choosing the perfect bot solution is tough because there is not a single bot that can fulfill all the possible requirements.

Since there is no way of pointing out the best bot provider, We have come up with an exclusive checklist to assist you in picking the right bot provider.


Below is the list of points to keep in mind while looking for a bot

Chatbot category

Picking the type of bot that suits your needs

Rule-based bots

These are task-specific bots used to perform simple tasks based on predetermined points.

Choose the rule-based bot if you intend to use it only for a specific task, as these are best suited for uncomplicated communications.

These are primarily suitable for online business owners.

AI-enabled smart bots

AI enabled smart bots

Designed to simulate near-human interactions with conversations to understand intent, language, and sentiment.

They work with the help of high-level programming to help them understand the exact context of the interaction.

These will be helpful for companies looking to constantly improve their customer experience.

Hybrid bots

A combination of both rule-based and smart bots with a more balanced interaction.

They are said to be the best because they initiate the conversation like a rule-based bot and adapt as a smart bot to finish the interaction.

Their extraordinary features have led them to be part of many CRM tools.

The hybrid bots are suitable for any business model.

Multi-language availability

Multi-language availability

Recent studies have shown that brands providing localized customer experience have better growth rates.

Especially in retail and banking, customers prefer to have their language preference.

The bots can be customized to change the language preference based on location and browser preference.

Multi-mode availability

Voice and chat modes

With major IT players introducing multi-mode bots with both voice and chat options, we suggest you should adapt to the industry trend.

Make sure the bot comes with both voice and chat options.

The users would prefer if they have the option to switch between both voice and chat modes.

Does it have NLU & NLP?

NLP & NLU are used for Advanced conversations in smart and hybrid bots to analyze words, intent, and sentiment and respond naturally.


List of things to consider in NLP & NLU models of your bot.

  1. Accuracy of the models

  2. How the models are re-trained?

  3. Can you train the models in the local language you need?

Boost internal process

Can it boost internal processes?

Bots are deployed inside a company to boost its internal processes with automation.

These internal processes include various departments like HR and operations.

The employees are given bot access to optimize their work and reduce operative costs.

Using bots internally has many benefits including Staff Support, Swift Responses, and Increased employee engagement.

boots customer experience

Can it boost the CX?

Bots have changed the way of interaction between brands and customers, They are the first stop for customers to resolve simple queries.

Latest developments have enabled bots to solve advanced queries and establish a strong bond with customers.

If you want to automate specialized tasks and take pressure off human agents, you’ll need a robust bot platform.

Make sure the bot is conversational focussed and supports workflow automation

Integrate with existing systems and processes

Integrate with existing systems

Integrating into your existing applications adds significant value to your bot, It is one of the important ways to build a satisfying and personalized experience for your customers and employees.

To make these integrations work efficiently APIs are important, The Depth of integrations, Messaging channels, and user interface are the key factors to consider in bot integrations.

The various types of integrations include Live chat applications, CRM software, ITSM systems, and Industry-specific integrations.

Friendly deployment options

Friendly Deployment

A stable hosting environment is needed that gives the flexibility to expand. When weighing bot deployment options, think about these factors.

Concerning your business model, you can ask the provider to take care of the hosting and deployment or you can host on-premise or in the cloud.

Take extra care of the bot’s latency, The delays should always be barely noticeable

The bot platform should meet your requirements of compliance and security to safeguard the customer and enterprise data.

Is it flexible enough to evolve with the business?

Business Flexibility

The regular changes in the customer’s needs encourage businesses to change their approach.

The bot platform should give you the flexibility to adapt to your evolved business approach and satisfy customer needs.

Choose a platform that gives you ownership of your solution with the flexibility to change the approach.

The bot platform should support introducing new features and enhancements to improve user experience.

Finally, make sure that the platform supports a high volume of customers over time.

Analytics and insights

Does it have Analytics?

Analytics are valuable in understanding what the customers like in your bot and what needs to be improved.

Test the analytics during the bot-building process to make sure there are no limitations.

It is recommended that the bot provides custom analytics options with visualizations.


Picking the right bot platform is tough if you are planning to use a bot for the first time.

We suggest you go with a simple rule-based bot for first-timers.

If you are familiar with bots and plan to use them on a large scale in your organization, we suggest you go with smart and hybrid bots only after crossing all the points from our checklist.

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